stand out of the crowd

how do you find things on the internet?

I’m sure a lot of you thought of Google or Yahoo.

‘lets google it or yahoo it! you’d say’

there is however a new trend these days, and this is
direct navigation.
someone looking for chocolates simply types in the address bar, and gets directed to a website which sells great chocolates.
what are the chances of you typing
to go to Wispa’s Chocolate shop if you have never heard of it?
Although they too make great chocolate.

the internet is HUGE, search engines bring back
TOO many results.TOO many websites.
I’ve just googled CAR and I got…
Results 1 – 10 of about 1,610,000,000 for car

more than 1 billion results.It’ll take years to
go through all of them. Search engines users rarely go to the
3rd or 4th page of the search results.

That is why generic domains (,, are so valuable.
they are EASY to remember. All forward thinking companies are striving to
secure the ones that relate to their business.
generic names are very popular (most of them,if not all! have
already been registered) and these are selling for

a sample of last week’s sales (Mon. Feb. 25, 2008 – Sun. March 2, 2008)
1. $1,659,000
2. $125,000 
3. $101,000

Ben Carmitchel, President of ESS Data Recovery did a great move last week
by acquiring Anybody typing in in their
address bar will be directed to ESS website.

I personally have never used a data recovery service before, but if it happens
that I might need this service in the future, I would definitely
type in “”.

I may/may not hire their services but I would learn about them!
what would you expect to see when you type in in your
address bar?

Yes you are right, a website selling chocolates!
and what would you expect to see when you type in
thebest CHOCOLATES ? …

2 Responses to stand out of the crowd

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  2. Smita says:

    Hey there,

    I have realised that a lot of advertising is being done not only using generic domain names, but also descriptive ones. On top of my head (from watching TV), an obvious example would be From my opinion, makes much more sense than What is Can you guess where this domain name is trying to get to?? However, actually gives away the promotional sigificance of the website.

    My point is your concept is incredibly insightful and valuable to advertisers who, I think, should cash on the promotional significance of descriptive domain names! Bear in mind that avdertisers and domain name owners have already come to realise this, judging from the media.

    Go on and get your concept know. All the best!!

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