power of generic domains

Time for another post I guess,

after a busy week, busy snowy weekend and after visiting
the worst restaurant in the world ..
I will share with you something I came across some time ago about generic domain names.

People remember generic domain names. They are more likely to notice, recall, visit and revisit your web site
if you own a nice generic domain.

Say you are a customer, looking for a loan. I suppose, with the large choice of banks
around you, you would have to spend some time on making the right choice. Obviously you would try the
internet, Search Engines. But then, some might try typing LOANS.com directly on their browser.

Which bank would not like to appear on your computer screen when you type this??
I’m pretty sure HSBC, RBS, Citibank would die to be there. Unfortunately for them,
there is only one LOANS.com and only one bank will have it.. and it is:
well just have a look for yourself.

Credibility and Respect!
If you own a generic domain name potential clients instantly know that you’re serious about what you’re doing.
(see my blog post about DataRecovery.com)

Competition – A quality domain you own is a domain your competition doesn’t own and cannot use against you.
Generic traffic domains can drive hundreds or thousands of potential new clients to a company’s website on a daily basis,
at no additional cost, and you do not want these clients to land on your competitor’s website.
Descriptive domains are a huge advantage in competition.

(can I ask you how you found this blog out of the millions and millions of other blogs on the net?)

similarly, here’s a list of great companies that have acquired fantastic, powerful generic domain names.
because they too believe in direct type in.

remember, once you own a domain name , you keep it forever.
(well as long as the internet will exist at least..)
so who will get thebest LOANS intheworld.com ?

ABN AMRO – Mortgage.com
AT&T – WebHosting.com
Barnes and Noble – Books.com
Bayer – Aspirin.com
Bear Stearns – BestMarkets.com
Boeing – NewAirplane.com
Calvin Klein – Bras.com, Underware.com
Cisco – Compatible.com
Citibank – StudentLoan.com
CNET – Download.com, News.com, TV.com
CNN – Money.com
Dell – CloudComputing.com
Diageo – Malts.com, Rum.com, Scotch.com
Disney – Family.com, Kid.com, Movies.com
ESS Data Recovery – DataRecovery.com
General Electric – Coincidence.com, Ecomagination.com, TransportationServices.com
History Channel – History.com
Intel – Chips.com
JC Penny – Gift.com
Johnson and Johnson – Baby.com
Kraft Foods – Sauces.com
Microsoft – Investor.com
Monster – Jobs.com
Nestle – Meals.com
Office Depot – OfficeSupplies.com
Oracle – Sales.com
Procter and Gamble – Toothpaste.com
Sun Microsystems – Network.com
T-Mobile – Aerial.com
Travelocity – Vacations.com
Weather Channel – Weather.com
Wedding Channel – Weddings.com

see you soon,..

One Response to power of generic domains

  1. Smita says:

    Hey there,

    I have realised that a lot of advertising is being done not only using generic domain names, but also descriptive ones. On top of my head (from watching TV), an obvious example would be visitamerica.com. From my opinion, visitamerica.com makes much more sense than america.com. What is america.com?? Can you guess where this domain name is trying to get to?? However, visitamerica.com actually gives away the promotional sigificance of the website.

    My point is your concept is incredibly insightful and valuable to advertisers who, I think, should cash on the promotional significance of descriptive domain names! Bear in mind that avdertisers and domain name owners have already come to realise this, judging from the media.

    Go on and get your concept know. All the best!!

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