NNNNN.com LLLL.com ??!

think of a 5 digit number (like 12345)
any number..
now just add a ‘.com’ to it and check out the website..
think of another one and do it again.

Yes,.. they are all taken! (since February 16th, 2008). They’re only available on the aftermarket.
Okay,that’s what a domainer will call an NNNNN.com? (5 N’s)

N = number
L = letter

WHY? you would ask.. well think of zip codes, post codes in some countries for one example.
10061.com Timberland.com

or 466453.com (6N’s.com -look at letters on your mobile keypad).
yups.. all LLLL.com (4 letter combination) are also taken.

I find it Crazy how, just the mere fact of no longer having any more NNNNN.com domains available to register, makes the overall value of the lot increase.

sometimes I wish I was born 10 years earlier..

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