I went for a meal at wagamama last night (one of my favourite chain restaurants) and while waiting for the food (Chilli Chicken Men), sipping my Asahi beer, I noticed on the placemats, an advert for a domain name.
It took me some minutes to figure out what it meant.
I first thought of ‘mean’ ‘dmy’ ‘bod’. Didn’t make sense! who is mean??

‘meand’ ‘my’ ‘bod’ – a typo for ‘mend my bod’ ?? what’s a bod??.. no, can’t be that.

and got it on the 3rd attempt.

‘me’ ‘and’ ‘my’ ‘bod’ .com

Don’t you agree that it would have been so much easier to read if they used capital letters :


ok,.. this little exercise of trying to figure out what the domain meant,
actually made me remember it (and talk about it today on this blog!)

But hey, it just leaves me with a sense that these guys are not being Url Savvy.
And I wonder how many would have spent time trying to understand what the Url meant.

I hope this gets read by the wagamama guys!

Aaron Goldman does a great job of analysing Urls here.

Catch you later peeps..

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