why migrate, opportunities are right here in front of you..

I am writing this post after watching an interesting program on immigration in the UK.

People move all over the world, they move to where the money is. Money is what drives the world. This is an unfortunate truth for most of us.

The world IS globalized… The perfect example is the internet. You can be sitting in an office in Mauritius doing business with someone in the USA via the net. Email? Did the previous generation know about it?
Yet nowadays, we cannot do without it.

The internet is for all of us, and the number of users will NEVER stop growing. I was trying to find out on the internet (can’t do without it!) how many PCs there were in the world.

According to an article writen in 2002, there should be around 2 billion Personal Computers worldwide in 2008.

now imagine,having a potential 2 billion billboards on which your brand can be displayed. No Wonder advertisers are going “bonkers”  over the net!

The internet is massive, it is huge and has a reach that was unimaginable some years ago.

To be present on the web you need a website, which is the equivalent of an office or a home in real world,
AND you need a Domain Name, which is the piece of land on which you build. (you are free to build a small house or a skycraper, up to you!)

Of course if you want to have guests visiting you, you would not choose to build your house on top of the Himalayas! A piece of prime land is priceless!!! (well, not literally)

If you have a memorable address, I would quite easily find my way to your place. I would not need to ask for directions to Mr GooG or Mrs Yahu.

Do you own your piece of land on the web?
I have mine 😉


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