token of confidence … or ?

Shopping spree time! Yay!
The last few days, I was building up a list of ‘thebest****’ domain names that I wanted to add to my portfolio and came up with a list that were  available for registration (28th April 08).
after analysing each domain and gauging their potential, I was quite happy with a final list of roughly 100 domains.
On the 30th April I proceeded to buying them and to my surprise, 5 of them got rejected since they were no longer available.
My surprise was even more when I checked the whois of these no longer available domains.
Especially when I saw who registered ‘thebest EMAIL’ and when they registered it.
Created:  2008-04-29
Expires:  2009-04-29
Registrant : “Oversee Research and Development, LLC” 
Could it really be them?
The whois record of , and all match,.. all of them are registered to the same address.

I see 3 possible explanations for this:
1. they registered it to sell it with profit.(front running??)

2. mere co-incidence (although, a bit strange that this particular domain name was registered the day before I tried to register it)

3. they bought it because they believe in the idea too.
I believe that People are generally Good. Therefore, I do not think (at least I hope not!) that they are following the footsteps of Network Solution.  (here also)

I am more inclined towards believing number 3.

If that is the case, a warm welcome to Oversee in the club of ‘thebest****’ owners 😉

 If you are reading this Lawrence ,please drop me a mail (belshass’at’gmail…) to clarify 😉

Enjoy the weekend friends,..

(extended for uk folks) 🙂

2 Responses to token of confidence … or ?

  1. […] for domains, I was SURPRISED to see that thebest EMAIL was available today. (see my previous post to understand […]

  2. Allure says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Allure.

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