domino’s mission…

Sunday lazy sunday..
we were blessed with some exceptionally great weather today, and when I saw lots of folks eating ice-cream , I kept thinking..

what is the best ice cream in the world ? (I’m obsessed! yes I know!)
anyone knows? email me 😉
Anyway, come dinner time, we decided to get some pizza’s delivered.
Dominos’ quite good. And we tried the online ordering!
It worked great and the double-decadence was on my doorstep, half an hour later..

Hey wait,..Stop, why would I be talking about pizza on a blog that’s
supposed to be about the bests in the domain names ??!

Well,.. things got interesting during the half hour wait for the pizza. I started reading about the company, how it started, its path to now, (loved the bit about trading half the business for a Volkswagen Beetle)
and…’s mission statement.

yes,.. click here to read the DOMINO’s MISSION.

would they be interested in one of my domain names? (you know which one!)
maybe,.. or maybe not.

would be great to receive a mail from David Brandon.

will let you know if I hear from them,

(or from one of their competitors 😛 )

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