I give you HitWiser.com


HitWiser came to life with a purpose.          

To encourage direct navigation.

businesses, brands, great websites and not so great websites
are all easily reachable by directly navigating to their web addresses.
(better if they have an easy to remember address!)

Type in any word, product or service in your address bar,add a .com  to it and you will reach a website. if you look at the fastest US search terms on SEARCH ENGINES (click here!) for 2007, and then try them in your address bar (adding a .com),you get the same result.
Here is a list of the most searched brands in the UK. (NOT using direct Navigation!)

Rank     Search Term
1          ebay
2          bebo
3          youtube
4          facebook
5          myspace
6          argos
7          amazon
8          you tube
9          bbc
10        tesco

try them too on your address bar and ask yourself, why use a search engine for this kind of search
and contribute to creating a Google-opoly?

Google is great! nobody can deny it,certainly not me!
but we have to be careful. The internet is not Google,
and hopefully we will not make that happen.

Google was a project started in the days of optimism about a
free Internet not supported by ads or corporate revenues, but rather
the free exchange of ideas. Look at it today!

We now have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies a whole new industry,
where people word hard to make sure your website appear in the top ranks on Search Engines, and
being at the top of results is not permanent. Competition to be among the top ranks in Google or any other
Search engines is very aggressive.

type CAR in google and see how many results it returns.
I got Results 1 – 10 of about 1,250,000,000 for car
(that’s from the UK, if you do a search from Mauritius or elsewhere, you will get a different number AND different results)
Crazy ! isn’t it? obviously, you would not be going to all of them, but rather
the first 10. So, what about the 1,249,999,990 other results?

Every Web browser is equipped with a search facility. Our good old address bar. Okay.. yes, I agree, it is not very user friendly. It is located, too far, high up for our eyes to reach. You have to stick all the words together which makes long URLs a pain!
(and could sometimes cause awkward situations,like say you want to visit a website  called
‘pen island’, where they sell great pens?, you would have to type in penisland.com !
or if you want to  know ‘who represent.com’)

HitWiser is your new address bar!

the “www.” part of a web address is obsolete. the TLD, hmm.
well, “.com” is king, and you can still choose the others!
Seth thinks We could even drop the dot com (read here)

HitWiser lets you type in words with spaces.
you can type in short sentences like “a little bit of what you fancy”
or “the world’s best shave”.

It works with the apostrophy too!

People used to frown at long domain names…
HitWiser loves them. They are more descriptive and more exciting.
Aren’t you curious to see what you would get if you
try ‘the best car in the world’ on hitwiser!

are you going to  Hit <your urls> wiser?


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