in 10 years time…


The rate at which domains are being registered is phenomenal.
just checked for today.. 492,591 new domains have been registered.

Today, in 2008, a lot of people think that long domain names are useless.
Too difficult to type, too many stop words, nobody will remember, etc.. are the main reasons.  Well, so they say!

so, everybody is going after the shortest possible names.

4 letter domain names.
Can someone explain to me the craze over them? and the price?

-I’m not talking about those like, or
but rather ?

what does means? sure, for  XUEJ company,based in Gondwanaland,and all their staff and customers, it means everything!It is their Identity on the web!

But to Mr John Smith in the UK, it means Nothing. Same for Mrs Xuan Chu in Beijin, China.
The internet is still young and offers a lot of opportunities to those who are creative and want to achieve great things!

As a (young) domainer myself, I’d rather own  thebest TOOTHBRUSH rather than  (at least,the former means something to everyone who understands English!)

Short domains are easy to type in. That’s very helpful for a (hmm,.. now grown up) generation of people who saw the birth of the internet and had to adapt to it.
But what about the coming generation? those born in the 80’s 90’s ?
Those who type full sentenses on their keyboard without having to look for the keys?

long domain name is a piece of cake !
I think a lot of savvy people in big companies are realizing this and going for easy to remember,descriptive/call-to-action domain names.
Doesn’t matter if they are long.

Now,you would be right to not trust the title!
It is happening Now!

These have been showing up in TV adverts recently (in the UK).

    difficult is worth
        a little bit of what you
             save today save

.. and for the first time I saw a tv advert today, showing a domain name as follows:

Some may interpret it as, them trying to say ban (as in Ban the website but no!

they meant

So, I guess (even for relatively short 2 word domains) they see internet users as intelligent enough  to know that they do not need the ‘space’ between the 2 words ‘BAN’ and ‘’ when they type it in their address bar!

that’s COOL!

..or, they can even leave as many spaces they want and let HitWiser do that job! 🙂

Exciting times ahead..

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  1. I found your site on google, great site, keep it up. Will return in the future. Submitted this post to Google News Reader.

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