Sarah Jessica Parker …

…Looks Like A Horse ??

Yesterday, I went to see ‘Sex and the city’. I never followed  the series on TV and I admit, I was influenced by the massive advertising they’ve been doing about the film. (and a little bit sweet talked into it!)

It was a good movie. The theater was filled with more females than males, and it is easy to understand why. There was a lot of ‘oooh,.. and aaahh’ everytime  a dress or shoes appeared on the big screen.

I overheard some girls saying that Manolo Blahnik’s shoes were
the best SHOES in the world.
(Thanks girls, free advertising for one of my domains!)

It’s true that I found the blue satin one very sexy!

well well, today’s post is not about shoes!

I was checking the movers and shakers (websites) on and I was amused to see at position 7 the following:


 up 200,000% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 3,717

Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like A HorseSite comparing photos of the actress with those of horses.


33 letters , 7 words in and still,
it is in the top 10 of

now let me ask you? Is this not just the perfect example of a great call to action domain, descriptive enough, to get people curious  to go see for themselves. too long? for who?

Nice one David!

another one which would work fantabulously well on

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