one thousand six hundred and sixty four

what do you think of when you see

1 6 6 4

I want you to give it a long thought and try to come up with a few guesses, before reading further.
I play a game with my wife during advertising breaks on TV or before a film at the cinema. As soon as the ad starts, the first one who say which ad it is wins a point. (before they actually show their logo or brand name!)

We’ve been playing this game for quite some time now and it is strange how our minds develop with practice. I tend to look at all the tiny details quickly as they appear on the screen and make associations fast in my mind. We’ve become quite good at this game, I must say!
Today I saw a new ad for the first time on tv. The ad is creative! Chefs cutting bubbles, and I was racking my brains to find out which ad it was.

until i saw a number 1664.

boom, Kronenbourg sprang to my mind!…. and Kronenbourg it was.

I quite like Kronenbourg Blanc and I remember the distinctive 1664 on its bottle.

and of course,.. I guess I am not the only one..

try  on your address bar.

 Good Weekend to you.

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