Why you have to be quick in the domain race!


Big Brother 9 is on air in the UK! And this year again we have been given a varied bunch of characters. From the nasty ones to the hirarious ones and the cool ones, there is one for everybody’s taste.

Big Brother’s audience is quite good.. at least similar to last year’s so far.

There’s one particular candidate that’s interesting to follow since she is a unique character! She’s from Thailand and to quote Davina McCall, is a “bundle of Joy!”. What is interesting, at least from a domainer’s point of view, is that she’s been inventing new catchy words.

Having a slight ploblem with ‘l’s. (Bless her!) She cannot say Hilarious. That’s how she says it!

Would you be surprised if I told you that Hirarious.co.uk has been snapped? I wonder how many t-shirts these guys have sold through this! The Chris Moyle’s Show (which has 7.31 million listeners as of 31st Jan 08 ) has been using her shouting ‘Hiraaaarious!’ as a doggerel on radio.

Our candidate, a cookie fanatic, has a favourite catch-phrase too! She likes to shout it time and again in the house ‘COOOOkiiie PoooWeer!’
and, well… see for yourself what CookiePower.co.uk brings you.

These 2 domain names meant nothing a week ago! But with 3 million viewers tuned in to watch Big Brother, and having Kathreya (that’s her name)  repeating these words over and over again, they became bound to attract visitors, and domainers saw the potential in them.

Oh, and according to the bookies, Kathreya is the current favourite to win Big Brother, so we should expect to hear more of these words for weeks to come, and who knows, maybe new ones.. 

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