boil check !

Over the last 2 weeks, there has been a water crisis in the Northamptonshire area in the UK. Residents, businesses have been warned to boil their water before consumption.

This cryptosporidium parasite contamination in the water supply even made the national news, and in some cases caused panic when the supermarkets started running out of bottled water.

The folks at Anglian Water, the company responsible for water distribution for the area, must have been under a lot of stress. They still are since the region has not been given the all clear yet!

Their call centers must have been flooded with calls from anxious customers.
Geodesys, a division of Anglian Water, got the bright idea of setting up a cool tool to inform people if their tap water was safe by just inputing their postcodes!

I received a link from a colleague informing me of this tool. Here’s the link I was forwarded : 

Great tool! I was able to check if I was safe.

My first thought was that I would tell all my friends about it. Easy thing to do …. by Email, but how on earth am I going to remember that big long url, and repeat it to my neighbour during our daily “hello’s, how are you’s ” or my friends over the phone?

Would it not be much simpler if I could just tell them to “go to and check if your water needs boiling?”


That’s what I eventually did..

..and I was not the only one who liked the idea.

The northampton chronicles talked about,
The daventry today too.

and the BBC as well. (related internet links- postcode check, on the right hand side)


If you try or (I thought it would be nicer to have the too!), on the loading page, if you are fast enough to scroll down before the anglia water website appears, you will have a counter of how many times people used my domains…(you’ve got 3 seconds!)

Thousands of phone calls avoided to Anglia Water’s customer support I guess…

what do I get out of this..


a nice little story of how I got one of my domain names on the mighty bbc and..


..this is my civic action to the people affected..


Here’s where the visitors to came from..


London, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Reading, Newport Pagnell, Wellingborough, Poplar, Thames Ditton, Lincoln, Wembley, Loughborough, Manchester, Portsmouth, Rochdale, Rotherham, Sheffield, Bridgend, Watford, Lambeth, Flitwick, Leeds, Bletchley, Bedford, Kettering, Telford, Bushey, Wokingham, Olney, Ashford,  Corby, Brentford, Chelmsford, Rugby, WestBromwich, Warrington, Bristol, Huntingdon, Ampthill, Wakefield,  Coventry, Rushden, Derby, Cwmbran, Oldham, Leicester, Solihull, Biggleswade, Batley, Southport, Gloucester,  Sutton Coldfield, Port Talbot, Hertford, Beeston, Studley

and also from outside the UK: United States, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Spain, India, Antigua and Barbuda


ps: thanks for your help Paul.

pps: if you meet Paul in one of the Northampton pubs, make sure you buy him a well deserved pint!

2 Responses to boil check !

  1. Marcus says:

    Nice one Ritesh. I remember this being in the news before I went on holiday, had to check we weren’t going too near the ‘danger area’.

    I love your quick thinking with the domains, you could use in the future, especially if we get more flooding like last year, I hope we don’t, but ‘global warming’ and all that suggests we might.


  2. belshass says:

    Hi Marcus,
    you are right about re-usability.
    (Let’s not HOPE for it to happen though 😉 )

    This whole adventure just shows, how people (Anglian water here) do not realise the importance of domain names and their ease of use.. as you mention, .. one day domains will become mainstream, .. and I think this will be soon.

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