creative domainers – a new breed

I do not like people who whine! Whining about it will not solve your problem..

Too often I hear people saying that it’s too hard to find good .com’s.
I hear that it’s almost impossible to get in the online world these days on a .com, with all the good names gone.

my answer to them,..

just be creative.
Think outside the box!

ICANN recently had to open up the space,.. The .com will always remain king – with 76,343,863 .coms registered at the time of writing, some think its too late, that they’ve missed the train.

However, …with scarcity of the .com, a new breed of creative domainers is rising.

I love it when I see  people like Yigal at .

Once, a long time ago, we used to send birthday cards made of paper.
Then came the internet, and E-Cards, saving paper and a whole forest I’m sure!

There must be millions of e-cards sent daily! Isn’t it?

some whine about receiving a boring ecard, instead of a real card!

,. some may want something even more special,

what about a unique way of greeting your loved ones a happy birthday? Something truely unique!

Is it your dear friend, Peter’s birthday today?

what about sending him … just a URL … !

With hundreds of thousands of Peter’s out there sharing the same birthday, there can only be ONE having that unique domain name for the day! And that would make his day ,.. for sure,.. to be reading a personalised message/picture, on a url, from those who love him…

Do you have a special birthday wish to send today? click here!

by the way,. Happy Birthday,

if it is yours today!  😉

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