I’m back..


Good to see you again! Sorry for the long 3 weeks without a post, but as I expected, I could not find time to update the blog. My trip to thebest HOLIDAY intheworld.com  😉   was fantastic.



the domain game in the infinity pool

the domain game in the infinity pool

The 3 weeks, seemed more like 3 days to me. I ate too much, met a lot of people, partied too much, .. but I could not take my mind completely off the domaining world.I finished reading the book -the domain game- by the way.




 I observed some interesting things while I was in Mauritius.

– domain names are starting to show up in adverts. Billboards show either a .com or .mu domains(nothing else!)  .mu being the country’s TLD.

– since internet advertising is relatively new in Mauritius, some billboards simply show ONLY a domain name. Doesn’t matter if the domain is not great (IMHO), it works! Why? because there is no need to stand out of the crowd… 

since …. there is no crowd… yet!
one of such domains is  BAK2U.com which I saw a lot in busy places, and like me, a lot of people must have been to that website,..out of curiosity, and bang! the domain has done its job!

(That would not work for me, if in the same day, I saw dozens of other domains in ads!)
– 3 people I met, asked me about website development. (business opportunity here!! 🙂 )

– Bruno Julie won the first ever olympic medal for Mauritius, and overnight turned into a STAR for Mauritius. Naturally, I checked whether BrunoJulie.com was available and it was!! (Monday 25th August 2008). I did not register it!  and..

the following day, it was gone…

Back to the UK

Earlier today, I was on the computer, with the TV on in the background, when suddenly something caught my attention.

It was an advertisement,where someone was speaking french (my first language btw). That’s a rare thing on UK television, I thought.
Here’s the video for you. Some nice moves don’t you think?

did you see the domain name?

length: 24 (excluding TLD)
number of words: 5



Ok some may argue that people will get confused and go to   Language.com instead but they’ll soon get it don’t you think?

More proof that “Call to Action” domains, “full sentence domains” , or descriptive domains (like I prefer to call them) are getting big.

the time is approaching,..the right time for HitWiser.com and theBESTSintheworld.com

more soon..

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