joe, you know who!

For those who have not noticed it, the website on has just been revamped.



It now sports cool rounded edges giving a feel of web 2.0.
But the contents have more or less stayed the same.

There has been a lot of talks about that domain name, made famous (worldwide, not just in the US!),
after the final debate between Obama and McCain. (video here)
Some reported the site got ‘Un-President-ed’ spike in the number of visitors ! The owner, flooded with hundred of thousands of emails and calls, and being offered 6-figures for the domain!

a week later,
It doesn’t seem like he sold..

I would have done things differently.
If I owned that domain and I knew that ‘Joe the Plumber’ is in everyone’s mind, lips, dreams (who knows! 😀 )
I’d build a portal for Plumbers in the US. (or just a note on the website saying that we’re building the most comprehensive database of plumbers in the US! coming very soon! Plumbers Sign Up!)

Then, charge $100 to appear in a listing of plumbers by State!
I’d require 10,000 plumbing companies/plumbers to sign up (that’s about 200 plumbers for each state) to make a cool million.

And on top,
I get to keep the domain name.
think about it.. hundred of thousands (millions?!) of people know, have heard of, or have visited recently. Where else would they go look for a plumber when they happen to need one?

at that point in time, was worth more than ..
He should have capitalized on this, out of the blue, traffic burst..

Strike while the iron is hot!.. oh wait.. that’s what joe the blacksmith would have done..


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