Somebody else’s phone

I am ecstatic,.. having just saw one of the coolest ads on TV for a long time.
It just grabbed my attention for the full 1 minute it lasted.

A man speaking fast about all we do with our phones,..
‘my phone knows everything about me’ ..
.. ‘if you find my phone, would you look through it?’

The ad ends with NO mention of which brand it is promoting.
It simply ends with 3 domain names. What a call to action!! Wonderful.

I had to go on the net. I had to find out. I am indeed very curious. 🙂

check out the video here.

If at this point you want to find out what all this is about too (I bet you do!), you can go to and type in:

Anna’s phone
   Jade’s phone
or    Luca’s phone    

(don’t worry,.. you can leave in the apostrophy on HitWiser!)

all three bring you to   somebody else’s phone    <-(works perfectly in too)

Bravo to them. Well done!
No surprises,..this brand deserves,   ‘the best PHONE in the’ 😉

This reminds me of another blog post I made some months ago.

some more proof that call to action names are getting bigger.

Good weekend to you.

3 Responses to Somebody else’s phone

  1. Alan says:

    This is probably the best “domain marketing campaign” I have seen yet – kudos to Nokia. Way ahead of everyone else.

  2. […] Check out the full article, video and links here […]

  3. belshass says:

    Absolutely Alan.
    what makes this campaign even more flabbergastingly unique is that
    one can interact with these 3 characters (Anna, Jade and Luca) on facebook.

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