the best CAR in the world

I had an interesting chat with
Jamie (very) early this morning on who, by the way, is doing a great job, answering questions about domaining to newbies, as well as giving another space for domainers to meet up and discuss …Domains (of course!)..all this in a live video chat.
(when he is around that is!)

This must be a gruelling job to be staying up in front on the laptop for such long hours..
[well hey, that’s what a lot of us domainers do anyway 😉 ]

We obviously talked about and he gave me his impression about the concept.

He opened my eyes to something I didn’t think of!
When he checked ‘the best CAR in the’ , he was agreeably surprised to see the result.

 He found the car amazing but more interestingly, … he’d never heard of the brand itself!

Well now, that came as a surprise to me!

It is quite a well known brand in Europe! When I ask people around me what is the best car in the world? I almost always get that brand as answer.
I thought it was well known all over the world, but apparently not.

This gives some more weight to the concept. We will have some of our domains forwarding to websites that would be well known, giving the concept credibility, as well as some websites that would be relatively unknown but provide such high-quality products that we feel it’s our moral duty to tell the world about them.

In any case, there will always be someone discovering something new!

To take Jamie’s own words,
‘I’ve never heard about them, but hey I guess now I know what is the best car in the world ‘

Do you know what is
‘the best HOLIDAY in the’ ?

5 Responses to the best CAR in the world

  1. Jamie Parks says:

    That was by far” 😉 Thanks for stopping by! Your project is very interesting. I was telling someone over tonight about your project and another light went off! I love it! Keep at it, don’t listen to the naysayers. Anything is possible in this space. One day I will own a Bugatti =)

  2. Its great marketing concept.

    I think having something as good as this is prices less – I mean you can slot anything into the phrase and it wouldnt sound too stupid.

    Also Jamie is doing a great job helping other.



  3. Car Review and Specifications…

    […]the best CAR in the world « the BESTS in the[…]…

  4. boys toys says:

    boys toys…

    […]the best CAR in the world « the BESTS in the[…]…

  5. waqas says:

    i like concept

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