An attack on the world and immoral domainers

I am horrified by the cruelty and brutality of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai.
What is wrong with this world? Why are humans killing each other in such horrendous ways?

What are they trying to prove by attacking a hospital, opening fire on ill, defenceless people?

I can’t find the words to explain how hurt I felt today when I saw reports of the attacks on the news.

They killed indiscriminately. Indians on the street, tourists in cafés, commuters in a busy railway station. 

Tourists and businessmen taken hostages in the Taj and Oberoi ,two of the best hotels in the world (one of them in flames at the same time I am writing this).


Attacking Mumbai was an attack on the world.

I am worried since I’ll be walking on those same streets in exactly 1 month. Those same streets I saw today on TV, covered in blood of innocent people who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time..

Despite the horror these attacks have brought to the world, some sad people are trying to profit from them.

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sad2 – parked.  regged 26Nov08




(Please do not visit, I would not want to give them any additional traffic)

7 Responses to An attack on the world and immoral domainers

  1. Mikash Hassamal says:

    I was staying in one of those hotels when I was there last July. I share the same feeling that you have. It is really a shame that they have done such an atrocious thing to such a great city and with such ease.

  2. Smita says:

    I’ve stayed at both the Taj and the Oberoi on my numerous trips to Mumbai. I can’t believe what’s happening in the rooms where I’ve stayed, the restaurants where I’ve wined & dined, the shopping malls where I’ve shopped and (most probably) the staff who’s worked so hard to make my every stay ever so enjoyable.

    My heart goes out to those people, my heart goes out to the amazing city that is Mumbai!! I strongly condemn those wrongly taking advantage of such a tragedy by unethically using such domain names!

  3. KKP says:

    I heart goes out to everyone who has suffered because of this act terrorism.

    To the terrorists: Without disputing that God exists or not, why do this for in the name of One you cannot see and kill who YOU can?

  4. I have to be honest that at first I had a mixed reaction when I read this article and saw people profiting off today’s attacks. My first reaction was, hey, it’s business, you do what you got to do to make money.

    But then when I further thought about it, I realized that at some point, you need to draw the line somewhere. A line that separates good and evil. And this is evil. How could you take such a tragic event, and use it for your own good. It is shameful and I cannot believe these domainers would make money off something so horrible. It’s scary what some people do.

    Anyways, so that was my overall reaction! Very interesting article though!

  5. vern says:

    The reason humans are so brutal to each other now is due to influences from beyond our earth and the 4 dimensional world.

    Mars was the closest it has been to earth in 75000+ years in 2008.

    What is Mars the God of in ancient history? WAR!!!

    Not too mention all the other external universal influences which affect us that we have no control over plus the crap we have all been poisoned with.

    We are all influenced by what surrounds us and as humans we are very sensitive to such vibrations whether you know it or not.

    WE cant handle the intensity on our physical being and that make is so aggressive just like primitive man and more is oming! Its going to get alot worse so you better get used to this ~

    If you think this is a load of garbage think again!

  6. Im 100% with you – I totally disagree with these people that have put these sites up to benefit from worried and scared people looking to get in touch or here news on there families.

    The attacks are shocking – It is amazing that these people have went out and killed people for no reason at all!



  7. belshass says:

    @Sam: there are a few other domains I came across which had been registered on the day of the attacks. One was pointing to a blog about the attacks and giving valid news. Other mumbai-attack related domains were pointing to a blank page. I have no problem with these, BUT the ones I mentioned, clearly crossed the line, since they were purely serving ads. Sad, really.

    @vern: I’m glad 2008 is nearly over.

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