A visionary? you tell me…

Yesterday I went to the post office to collect a parcel I received from the UK.
I had no clue as to what it was , nor who sent it. The only thing I was expecting from over there were my 5 packing boxes which I shipped myself before my move to delicious Mauritius.

To my surprise, it was a box full of goodies from the King of Shaves!

goodies from KoS

goodies from KoS

Will King, founder of King of Shaves (KoS) is not just the usual business man you’d meet everyday.
I first came to know about him through his products KoS, which are quite well known in the UK.

The man has a vision! One needs balls of steel to come up and challenge multi-billion dollars companies
like Gilette.

A few months ago, he launched his first razor (He called it the AZOR), or HARDWARE, after his SOFTWARE products
(Shaving Oils, moisturisers, etc..) became well established. He is well on his way to create a BIG name on the shaving scene.

Imagine a world where someone sends an email to the CEO of Gilette and gets a prompt reply! Yes, that’s Utopia :-
Dream world.. and that’s what makes the CEO of KoS different. He IS on the battle field, he replies to queries
and helps as much as he can. That’s a different way of doing brand awareness,and an effecive one too.
(Makes me think of the guys at ZAPPO’s!)

Will King entered the shaving business in 1993 with nothing but a real passion for what he wanted to do. 16 years later, his fast growing company is becoming a serious competitor to one of the most well known brands in the world.

Why do I see him as a visionary?
Well just type in SHAVE.com . He owns the category killer, generic domain for this business.
When I approached him some years ago for ‘the best SHAVE in the world.com’ , his reply was ” I already own
‘theWorldsBestShave.com’! ” -(which he points to SHAVE.com)
I was even more impressed!!  the man knows what he’s doing! And he is fully harnessing the power of the internet,
social media, to achieve his goals. That’s a perfect example of someone being ‘one step ahead!’

You can find more about him here : … his blog
His Facebook profile: WillKing
and of course,  SHAVE.com

and a token of appreciation from me,  www.theAZOR.com ! (Hover your mouse over the blurry spots 😉 )

Happy Shaving from Delicious Mauritius!

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