My afternoon defending domainers

November 13, 2008

After reading Julia’s post which eventually geared me towards this article on the Register, I was annoyed to read the comments of some readers. I strongly felt I HAD  to clarify some things, so I commented too.

It is hard to take in comments like the one made by Ron Green. But I guess this is how we, domainers, are seen from the outside world . (Yes, it is an outside world if you are not into domaining). It’s the harsh truth.

I am tired of people associating domaining with cybersquatting . Domainers need a re-branding. An urgent one. You can start right now, it’s not going to be easy, but I believe it can be done.

If every domainer makes a common effort, to inform people around them about the industry , explain domaining to them, stop/condemn those who register trademark names in bad faith, stop bickering about each other’s portfolio and focus on theirs and ways to make the world know who we are,

we would all be winners.

I will defend domainers everytime I read/hear BS* about this community.


condolences to Obama and Family

November 4, 2008

I hope,.

I really dearly hope,..

 ..that no stupid domainer is going to register domain names associated with the death of the soon-to-be (maybe) president of the united states’ grand mother. Trying to profit from such events is wrong. And those who do are sad people who will never succeed.

My sincere condolences go to the Obama family on the recent passing away of Madelyn Dunham (grand mother of Barack Obama). She played an important role in Barack Obama’s life and she surely has contributed to shape somehow the character of the next president.

Americans, vote wisely tomorrow. Your vote will have an impact on the whole world, not just the USA.

My best,



PS: I will be closing the poll  at  thebest PRESIDENT tomorrow.

Somebody else’s phone

October 24, 2008

I am ecstatic,.. having just saw one of the coolest ads on TV for a long time.
It just grabbed my attention for the full 1 minute it lasted.

A man speaking fast about all we do with our phones,..
‘my phone knows everything about me’ ..
.. ‘if you find my phone, would you look through it?’

The ad ends with NO mention of which brand it is promoting.
It simply ends with 3 domain names. What a call to action!! Wonderful.

I had to go on the net. I had to find out. I am indeed very curious. 🙂

check out the video here.

If at this point you want to find out what all this is about too (I bet you do!), you can go to and type in:

Anna’s phone
   Jade’s phone
or    Luca’s phone    

(don’t worry,.. you can leave in the apostrophy on HitWiser!)

all three bring you to   somebody else’s phone    <-(works perfectly in too)

Bravo to them. Well done!
No surprises,..this brand deserves,   ‘the best PHONE in the’ 😉

This reminds me of another blog post I made some months ago.

some more proof that call to action names are getting bigger.

Good weekend to you.

joe, you know who!

October 24, 2008

For those who have not noticed it, the website on has just been revamped.



It now sports cool rounded edges giving a feel of web 2.0.
But the contents have more or less stayed the same.

There has been a lot of talks about that domain name, made famous (worldwide, not just in the US!),
after the final debate between Obama and McCain. (video here)
Some reported the site got ‘Un-President-ed’ spike in the number of visitors ! The owner, flooded with hundred of thousands of emails and calls, and being offered 6-figures for the domain!

a week later,
It doesn’t seem like he sold..

I would have done things differently.
If I owned that domain and I knew that ‘Joe the Plumber’ is in everyone’s mind, lips, dreams (who knows! 😀 )
I’d build a portal for Plumbers in the US. (or just a note on the website saying that we’re building the most comprehensive database of plumbers in the US! coming very soon! Plumbers Sign Up!)

Then, charge $100 to appear in a listing of plumbers by State!
I’d require 10,000 plumbing companies/plumbers to sign up (that’s about 200 plumbers for each state) to make a cool million.

And on top,
I get to keep the domain name.
think about it.. hundred of thousands (millions?!) of people know, have heard of, or have visited recently. Where else would they go look for a plumber when they happen to need one?

at that point in time, was worth more than ..
He should have capitalized on this, out of the blue, traffic burst..

Strike while the iron is hot!.. oh wait.. that’s what joe the blacksmith would have done..


please be clean

October 15, 2008

I just read an interesting article from Ron Jackson’s DNJournal about NBC’s plans to use NBC Geo domains in the near future. Have a read for yourself here.

It would be interesting to know how these plans would affect GeoDomain owners like Would it be tough competition, or as David Castello thinks, may work in GeoDomain owners’ favour?
What are your thoughts?

..But this is not the point of my post today.

In that article, a domain name ( was mentioned and while reading that, I dearly hoped that the NBC people have been smart enough to have got the as well.

Unfortunately for them!


When I checked the whois records for the typo version,( I found that it was registered on the same date the article appeared on DNJournal, which would suggest that it had been available for the NBC people to get it when they made their plans.

Like Elliot described in this post, I have often been in similar situations when I try to explain what I do.

Typosquatting is seen as cybersquatting, so I hope the new owner of realise what he/she is doing.

à bon entendeur, salut

if the candidates were domainers…

October 5, 2008

The United States presidential election 2008, scheduled for Tuesday November 4, 2008, will be the 56th consecutive quadrennial United States presidential election and will select the President of the United States.

There has been massive media coverage (as expected) throughout the whole world.
The decision of the Americans will have an effect on everybody else’s life. So, vote wisely!

The elections has also influenced the domaining world,(what doesn’t?)
They’ve sparked a cybersquatting frenzy,
Bloggers have been blogging about the candidates’ domain names. here and here

and the latest story I came across yesterday through this blog was about
(MILF ? watch American Pie if you don’t get it!)

more about it here

well well..

Next month – in exactly 30 days- we should know the results at this time..
until then, here’s a little something for you,

enjoy the cartoon!

Google Chrome

September 2, 2008


I was amused to see on Channel4 news today a story about Google’s ‘school boy mistake’. The reporter asked the question How can such a big giant like google do such a mistake, that would rather be one of a schoolboy.

google guy

google guy

and the google guy replied ‘we’re 10 years old, so we are a schoolboy!..and we do these sorts of mistakes’







They (channel4), portrayed the scenario as one of google’s vice president, accidently clicking the ‘send’ button and telling the whole world about their new web browser, Google Chrome on the 1st Sept 2008,
when it was not yet the launch date!

  -this link to the video may not work from outside the uk!

I clap both hands to google.I say well done to the Marketing people at Google.
What a Marketing coup!

How could Google get the whole world attention on the launch of its web browser in a better way, than arousing everyones curiosity to find out about Google’s mistake! Get everyone talking about it, create a buzz,
just before the official launch date.

accidentally click the send button?
mistake? hmm.. or all very well planned?

of course if google’s VP makes a mistake, everyone would want to know about it.
Free advertising ??

What I like about Google is that though they are a massive corporate, they make every effort to entertain us from time to time, giving us the impression that they are just like us, humans.
(and you don’t see that everyday.)

have a look at some more of their hoaxes here.

while writing this post, I got Google Chrome to install.

Oh No! the predictive text box on does not work on Chrome! 😦
got to sort this out!

best of luck to the new comer in the browser race.

PS: Damn, I’ve been writing google in capital ‘G’ …   God takes a capital ‘g’ always .. isn’t it?

I’m back..

August 29, 2008


Good to see you again! Sorry for the long 3 weeks without a post, but as I expected, I could not find time to update the blog. My trip to thebest HOLIDAY  😉   was fantastic.



the domain game in the infinity pool

the domain game in the infinity pool

The 3 weeks, seemed more like 3 days to me. I ate too much, met a lot of people, partied too much, .. but I could not take my mind completely off the domaining world.I finished reading the book -the domain game- by the way.




 I observed some interesting things while I was in Mauritius.

– domain names are starting to show up in adverts. Billboards show either a .com or .mu domains(nothing else!)  .mu being the country’s TLD.

– since internet advertising is relatively new in Mauritius, some billboards simply show ONLY a domain name. Doesn’t matter if the domain is not great (IMHO), it works! Why? because there is no need to stand out of the crowd… 

since …. there is no crowd… yet!
one of such domains is which I saw a lot in busy places, and like me, a lot of people must have been to that website,..out of curiosity, and bang! the domain has done its job!

(That would not work for me, if in the same day, I saw dozens of other domains in ads!)
– 3 people I met, asked me about website development. (business opportunity here!! 🙂 )

– Bruno Julie won the first ever olympic medal for Mauritius, and overnight turned into a STAR for Mauritius. Naturally, I checked whether was available and it was!! (Monday 25th August 2008). I did not register it!  and..

the following day, it was gone…

Back to the UK

Earlier today, I was on the computer, with the TV on in the background, when suddenly something caught my attention.

It was an advertisement,where someone was speaking french (my first language btw). That’s a rare thing on UK television, I thought.
Here’s the video for you. Some nice moves don’t you think?

did you see the domain name?

length: 24 (excluding TLD)
number of words: 5



Ok some may argue that people will get confused and go to instead but they’ll soon get it don’t you think?

More proof that “Call to Action” domains, “full sentence domains” , or descriptive domains (like I prefer to call them) are getting big.

the time is approaching,..the right time for and

more soon..


July 31, 2008

have you seen converse’s latest ad?

It is all about domain names.
and I’m loving it. 😀

every domain name is unique. (you probably already know that!), so when I saw this cool website hmm or websiteS .. I was ecstatic.
Have a look here –> This Is The Index is Disgusting! -be careful. is worst!

if you are wondering … then yes it is..   .. I did not see the whole series…but you can if you wish. ??  who’s marquette? ?? hmm,.. an Englishman from Winsor? is gross..  — well If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands..

I like this one haha!
did you think some domain names were useless..? Well.. think again.
Nike  who owns Converse doesn’t seem to think so.

Again.. a great example of ‘call to action domains’ getting more and more popular.
does size length matters?   

exciting times ahead !

folks, I’ll be blogging less over the next 3 weeks, reason being…
I’m off to (type it in your address bar!)  wahoooo! 😀 

I’ll try to find time for a quick post from there  but can’t guarantee it  😉

Happy days readers.. …

July 24, 2008

…just sold for a whopping Rick Schwartz, who bought the domain for $750,000 in 2005.

Rick’s asking price for the domain was $10million at some point. Did it sell for more or less,.. we will not know since the actual sales price was kept confidential.

The new owner of is Brad Geisen of who promises a killer website on ,sometimes in 2009. 

Would be interested in  thebest PROPERTY ? Hopefully, they will reply to my email…

another news,. maybe you know , well google is showing a lot of interest in it..  watch this space..