Creative marketing using domain names.

January 25, 2009

Hello friends,

It is time for my first post of 2009.

Apologies for not getting back on the blog earlier, but things have been manic since I came back from holidays. Hope you’ve had a great start of the year so far!

Let’s get straight to domain names in the lime light.

if you are reading from the UK, you might be familiar with the website ‘compare the’ . I’ve used them myself to get a good deal on insurance. What they do is basically compare insurance quotes from multiple car insurance companies based on the details you provide them.. It saves you from going to each individual company website and ask for a quote, and it is big business. Have a look at this bbc article.

“Price comparison sites: deal or no deal?” 

PRICE COMPARISON SITES – MONTHLY HITS* – 4.046m – 1.039m – 1.026m – 0.701m – 0.304m

*Monthly average Oct 2007-Oct 2008, Individual visitors aged 15+, Excludes traffic from public computers, mobile phones & PDAs
Source: comScore

So, to my surprise (agreeable surprise I should say) I saw an advert on tv lately showing  Alexander who owns  “compare the” where they compare Meerkats – sort of a dating site for meerkats., I guess! 🙂



I was so used to seeing advertising about ‘compare the market’ that whenever I saw one on TV, I just didn’t bother. But when I heard about Alexander’s site, I had to rush online to see it.

Watch the video here!

love the accent ! It’s been a long time since a domain gave me such a big smile! Obviously it is yet another way to bring attention to “compare the” and a nice way. The smile they’ve put on people’s faces will certainly rubb off on their brand.

Compare the may be lagging behind their competitors on number of  hits per month, but that would change if they keep on delivering such creative  ad campaigns.

So be careful people if you are looking for car insurance go to  “compare the”  and not “compare the”. And if you  are a meerkat, you know where you need to go 🙂

See you later,

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