domain tasting (I hate it!!)

May 6, 2008

During my daily hunt for domains, I was SURPRISED to
see that thebest EMAIL was available today.
(see my previous post to understand why)

I am saying ‘was available’ because it no longer is.
I registered it. 🙂
However, this shows that domain tasting is something that do.

I find this practise cheeky from registrars, since it can be misleading for domainers,
and not quite fair.



power of a domain name..

April 27, 2008


The Telegraph tell an interesting story … read it here.

Do you realise the power of a domain name?


beat your competitor.. be the best in the world!

April 16, 2008

Every business needs visibility.

Think! How important is it to make sure that your business stands out above the crowd?

Think of the never-ending rivalry between Coca-cola and Pepsi.
Which is the best cola in the world?

With all the noise on the web, millions of websites about everything and anything, it is difficult,even for great businesses, to rise to the top.
We bring your business a brand new opportunity to rise above the competition. And what is more exciting,.. your competitor will not be able to copy!

let the domain name do the talking.
A domain name is not just an address, it hints to the customer what to expect, it describes the content of the website, .. it talks!!

This is the purpose of


To take advantage of this unique opportunity, simply contact us and we’ll send you more information.

Ciao for now.


April 13, 2008

I went for a meal at wagamama last night (one of my favourite chain restaurants) and while waiting for the food (Chilli Chicken Men), sipping my Asahi beer, I noticed on the placemats, an advert for a domain name.
It took me some minutes to figure out what it meant.
I first thought of ‘mean’ ‘dmy’ ‘bod’. Didn’t make sense! who is mean??

‘meand’ ‘my’ ‘bod’ – a typo for ‘mend my bod’ ?? what’s a bod??.. no, can’t be that.

and got it on the 3rd attempt.

‘me’ ‘and’ ‘my’ ‘bod’ .com

Don’t you agree that it would have been so much easier to read if they used capital letters :


ok,.. this little exercise of trying to figure out what the domain meant,
actually made me remember it (and talk about it today on this blog!)

But hey, it just leaves me with a sense that these guys are not being Url Savvy.
And I wonder how many would have spent time trying to understand what the Url meant.

I hope this gets read by the wagamama guys!

Aaron Goldman does a great job of analysing Urls here.

Catch you later peeps..


April 6, 2008

hello folks,
I am now the proud owner of  thebest CREDITCARD !!! (for $9 USD)

Thought of sharing with you an email I received some time ago (16 Feb) from a domain consultant from the company I was initially trying to buy it from. names have been ‘XXXXXXed’ for obvious reasons

Hello belshass,
My name is XXXXX XXXXXXXX. I’m a domain consultant with – an award-winning company, and division of XXXXXXXXXX – the world’s largest provider of premium domain names.
I’m contacting you to ensure that you received the price quote for the domain:
This is a fantastic domain name and is currently valued at $900.00. The price is a one-time fee to take over full ownership of the domain and can be purchased with any major credit card, paypal, or wire transfer. Payment plans are available as well.
Transfer of the domain is fast and easy. We’ll send you an email with a unique username and password after payment has been processed.
You are welcome to use your web host and registrar of choice, or we can set this up for you.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the pricing or the purchase process for
Sales Executive”

It is Good news to hear that, without knowing the concept of the value of this domain is seen as $900 from a large provider of premium domain names as they say!

This domain will sit nicely with its plural version ( in my portfolio ! Morale: It is worth checking regularly if domains are expiring soon before buying!!!

have a good week peeps ??!

April 5, 2008

think of a 5 digit number (like 12345)
any number..
now just add a ‘.com’ to it and check out the website..
think of another one and do it again.

Yes,.. they are all taken! (since February 16th, 2008). They’re only available on the aftermarket.
Okay,that’s what a domainer will call an (5 N’s)

N = number
L = letter

WHY? you would ask.. well think of zip codes, post codes in some countries for one example.

or (6N’ -look at letters on your mobile keypad).
yups.. all (4 letter combination) are also taken.

I find it Crazy how, just the mere fact of no longer having any more domains available to register, makes the overall value of the lot increase.

sometimes I wish I was born 10 years earlier.. auction ended

April 3, 2008

Yes, auction for has ended a few hours ago. went for 2,605,000 USD.  the bid history can be found here.
This places at number 2 for this year to date sales.

1. $9,999,950
2. $2,605,000
3. $1,659,000
4. ÂŁ560,000 = $1,099,798
5. $750,000

how much would this one go for…

thebest PIZZAS ?

ciao for now..