VISA gets it.

December 12, 2008

YES it is coming!!

Usually we think , one domain name, means one website.

One would visit  an online store  called,  say, and land on the  index page. Then if visitors want to contact that online store, they would look for the contact us button which would take them to the contact page, (e.g

If that store is running a promotion at the moment, they would surely advertise it on their main index (home page). The user would click on the promotion banner  and that would take them to the promotion page where details of the promotion is provided ( e.g

Well today I saw an ad on TV showing something I saw coming a long time ago.
I’ve seen smaller websites do it, but today on tv, it was a major brand. 

video here: (click image to see video)

Running Man - Use VISA this Christmas

Great, memorable call to action.
I checked it.. *mind you, its a*

and guess where it took me ?

which is actually a page on . Great use of domain forwarding here!  ‘WinWithVisa’ works much better than ‘ ‘ . WinWithVisa is catchy, memorable and the VISA people GET IT! – (except maybe the use of the ‘ALL-CAPS’, as my friend Aaron would surely point out!)

if a visitor had to go to that page from there’s what they would have had to do.

1.go to



 2. chose a country 21 on promotional offers 31

4. click on find out more 41




and finally,… 




But visa wants to make life easy for its uk customers..
and it advertises  which takes you … straight there.

thanks for this short cut VISA! Love it!
We will be seeing more and more domain names being used this way soon..
(if you know other examples, please let me know 😉 )

On another note, It’s Christmas soon, and plenty of Christmas do’s and dinners for most of us. Plenty of good food and drinks.

Some might not be as lucky unfortunately, but still,

we can try to give them…

thebest DINNER intheworld (donate if you can)

thank you.


*13th Dec 08 update: they get it too!  , video here


the best CAR in the world

November 24, 2008

I had an interesting chat with
Jamie (very) early this morning on who, by the way, is doing a great job, answering questions about domaining to newbies, as well as giving another space for domainers to meet up and discuss …Domains (of course!)..all this in a live video chat.
(when he is around that is!)

This must be a gruelling job to be staying up in front on the laptop for such long hours..
[well hey, that’s what a lot of us domainers do anyway 😉 ]

We obviously talked about and he gave me his impression about the concept.

He opened my eyes to something I didn’t think of!
When he checked ‘the best CAR in the’ , he was agreeably surprised to see the result.

 He found the car amazing but more interestingly, … he’d never heard of the brand itself!

Well now, that came as a surprise to me!

It is quite a well known brand in Europe! When I ask people around me what is the best car in the world? I almost always get that brand as answer.
I thought it was well known all over the world, but apparently not.

This gives some more weight to the concept. We will have some of our domains forwarding to websites that would be well known, giving the concept credibility, as well as some websites that would be relatively unknown but provide such high-quality products that we feel it’s our moral duty to tell the world about them.

In any case, there will always be someone discovering something new!

To take Jamie’s own words,
‘I’ve never heard about them, but hey I guess now I know what is the best car in the world ‘

Do you know what is
‘the best HOLIDAY in the’ ?

Somebody else’s phone

October 24, 2008

I am ecstatic,.. having just saw one of the coolest ads on TV for a long time.
It just grabbed my attention for the full 1 minute it lasted.

A man speaking fast about all we do with our phones,..
‘my phone knows everything about me’ ..
.. ‘if you find my phone, would you look through it?’

The ad ends with NO mention of which brand it is promoting.
It simply ends with 3 domain names. What a call to action!! Wonderful.

I had to go on the net. I had to find out. I am indeed very curious. 🙂

check out the video here.

If at this point you want to find out what all this is about too (I bet you do!), you can go to and type in:

Anna’s phone
   Jade’s phone
or    Luca’s phone    

(don’t worry,.. you can leave in the apostrophy on HitWiser!)

all three bring you to   somebody else’s phone    <-(works perfectly in too)

Bravo to them. Well done!
No surprises,..this brand deserves,   ‘the best PHONE in the’ 😉

This reminds me of another blog post I made some months ago.

some more proof that call to action names are getting bigger.

Good weekend to you.

please be clean

October 15, 2008

I just read an interesting article from Ron Jackson’s DNJournal about NBC’s plans to use NBC Geo domains in the near future. Have a read for yourself here.

It would be interesting to know how these plans would affect GeoDomain owners like Would it be tough competition, or as David Castello thinks, may work in GeoDomain owners’ favour?
What are your thoughts?

..But this is not the point of my post today.

In that article, a domain name ( was mentioned and while reading that, I dearly hoped that the NBC people have been smart enough to have got the as well.

Unfortunately for them!


When I checked the whois records for the typo version,( I found that it was registered on the same date the article appeared on DNJournal, which would suggest that it had been available for the NBC people to get it when they made their plans.

Like Elliot described in this post, I have often been in similar situations when I try to explain what I do.

Typosquatting is seen as cybersquatting, so I hope the new owner of realise what he/she is doing.

à bon entendeur, salut

if the candidates were domainers…

October 5, 2008

The United States presidential election 2008, scheduled for Tuesday November 4, 2008, will be the 56th consecutive quadrennial United States presidential election and will select the President of the United States.

There has been massive media coverage (as expected) throughout the whole world.
The decision of the Americans will have an effect on everybody else’s life. So, vote wisely!

The elections has also influenced the domaining world,(what doesn’t?)
They’ve sparked a cybersquatting frenzy,
Bloggers have been blogging about the candidates’ domain names. here and here

and the latest story I came across yesterday through this blog was about
(MILF ? watch American Pie if you don’t get it!)

more about it here

well well..

Next month – in exactly 30 days- we should know the results at this time..
until then, here’s a little something for you,

enjoy the cartoon!

I’m back..

August 29, 2008


Good to see you again! Sorry for the long 3 weeks without a post, but as I expected, I could not find time to update the blog. My trip to thebest HOLIDAY  😉   was fantastic.



the domain game in the infinity pool

the domain game in the infinity pool

The 3 weeks, seemed more like 3 days to me. I ate too much, met a lot of people, partied too much, .. but I could not take my mind completely off the domaining world.I finished reading the book -the domain game- by the way.




 I observed some interesting things while I was in Mauritius.

– domain names are starting to show up in adverts. Billboards show either a .com or .mu domains(nothing else!)  .mu being the country’s TLD.

– since internet advertising is relatively new in Mauritius, some billboards simply show ONLY a domain name. Doesn’t matter if the domain is not great (IMHO), it works! Why? because there is no need to stand out of the crowd… 

since …. there is no crowd… yet!
one of such domains is which I saw a lot in busy places, and like me, a lot of people must have been to that website,..out of curiosity, and bang! the domain has done its job!

(That would not work for me, if in the same day, I saw dozens of other domains in ads!)
– 3 people I met, asked me about website development. (business opportunity here!! 🙂 )

– Bruno Julie won the first ever olympic medal for Mauritius, and overnight turned into a STAR for Mauritius. Naturally, I checked whether was available and it was!! (Monday 25th August 2008). I did not register it!  and..

the following day, it was gone…

Back to the UK

Earlier today, I was on the computer, with the TV on in the background, when suddenly something caught my attention.

It was an advertisement,where someone was speaking french (my first language btw). That’s a rare thing on UK television, I thought.
Here’s the video for you. Some nice moves don’t you think?

did you see the domain name?

length: 24 (excluding TLD)
number of words: 5



Ok some may argue that people will get confused and go to instead but they’ll soon get it don’t you think?

More proof that “Call to Action” domains, “full sentence domains” , or descriptive domains (like I prefer to call them) are getting big.

the time is approaching,..the right time for and

more soon..


July 31, 2008

have you seen converse’s latest ad?

It is all about domain names.
and I’m loving it. 😀

every domain name is unique. (you probably already know that!), so when I saw this cool website hmm or websiteS .. I was ecstatic.
Have a look here –> This Is The Index is Disgusting! -be careful. is worst!

if you are wondering … then yes it is..   .. I did not see the whole series…but you can if you wish. ??  who’s marquette? ?? hmm,.. an Englishman from Winsor? is gross..  — well If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands..

I like this one haha!
did you think some domain names were useless..? Well.. think again.
Nike  who owns Converse doesn’t seem to think so.

Again.. a great example of ‘call to action domains’ getting more and more popular.
does size length matters?   

exciting times ahead !

folks, I’ll be blogging less over the next 3 weeks, reason being…
I’m off to (type it in your address bar!)  wahoooo! 😀 

I’ll try to find time for a quick post from there  but can’t guarantee it  😉

Happy days readers..