An attack on the world and immoral domainers

November 27, 2008

I am horrified by the cruelty and brutality of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai.
What is wrong with this world? Why are humans killing each other in such horrendous ways?

What are they trying to prove by attacking a hospital, opening fire on ill, defenceless people?

I can’t find the words to explain how hurt I felt today when I saw reports of the attacks on the news.

They killed indiscriminately. Indians on the street, tourists in cafés, commuters in a busy railway station. 

Tourists and businessmen taken hostages in the Taj and Oberoi ,two of the best hotels in the world (one of them in flames at the same time I am writing this).


Attacking Mumbai was an attack on the world.

I am worried since I’ll be walking on those same streets in exactly 1 month. Those same streets I saw today on TV, covered in blood of innocent people who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time..

Despite the horror these attacks have brought to the world, some sad people are trying to profit from them.

sad1 -parked. regged 26Nov08


sad2 – parked.  regged 26Nov08




(Please do not visit, I would not want to give them any additional traffic)

My afternoon defending domainers

November 13, 2008

After reading Julia’s post which eventually geared me towards this article on the Register, I was annoyed to read the comments of some readers. I strongly felt I HAD  to clarify some things, so I commented too.

It is hard to take in comments like the one made by Ron Green. But I guess this is how we, domainers, are seen from the outside world . (Yes, it is an outside world if you are not into domaining). It’s the harsh truth.

I am tired of people associating domaining with cybersquatting . Domainers need a re-branding. An urgent one. You can start right now, it’s not going to be easy, but I believe it can be done.

If every domainer makes a common effort, to inform people around them about the industry , explain domaining to them, stop/condemn those who register trademark names in bad faith, stop bickering about each other’s portfolio and focus on theirs and ways to make the world know who we are,

we would all be winners.

I will defend domainers everytime I read/hear BS* about this community.


please be clean

October 15, 2008

I just read an interesting article from Ron Jackson’s DNJournal about NBC’s plans to use NBC Geo domains in the near future. Have a read for yourself here.

It would be interesting to know how these plans would affect GeoDomain owners like Would it be tough competition, or as David Castello thinks, may work in GeoDomain owners’ favour?
What are your thoughts?

..But this is not the point of my post today.

In that article, a domain name ( was mentioned and while reading that, I dearly hoped that the NBC people have been smart enough to have got the as well.

Unfortunately for them!


When I checked the whois records for the typo version,( I found that it was registered on the same date the article appeared on DNJournal, which would suggest that it had been available for the NBC people to get it when they made their plans.

Like Elliot described in this post, I have often been in similar situations when I try to explain what I do.

Typosquatting is seen as cybersquatting, so I hope the new owner of realise what he/she is doing.

à bon entendeur, salut