Google Chrome

September 2, 2008


I was amused to see on Channel4 news today a story about Google’s ‘school boy mistake’. The reporter asked the question How can such a big giant like google do such a mistake, that would rather be one of a schoolboy.

google guy

google guy

and the google guy replied ‘we’re 10 years old, so we are a schoolboy!..and we do these sorts of mistakes’







They (channel4), portrayed the scenario as one of google’s vice president, accidently clicking the ‘send’ button and telling the whole world about their new web browser, Google Chrome on the 1st Sept 2008,
when it was not yet the launch date!

  -this link to the video may not work from outside the uk!

I clap both hands to google.I say well done to the Marketing people at Google.
What a Marketing coup!

How could Google get the whole world attention on the launch of its web browser in a better way, than arousing everyones curiosity to find out about Google’s mistake! Get everyone talking about it, create a buzz,
just before the official launch date.

accidentally click the send button?
mistake? hmm.. or all very well planned?

of course if google’s VP makes a mistake, everyone would want to know about it.
Free advertising ??

What I like about Google is that though they are a massive corporate, they make every effort to entertain us from time to time, giving us the impression that they are just like us, humans.
(and you don’t see that everyday.)

have a look at some more of their hoaxes here.

while writing this post, I got Google Chrome to install.

Oh No! the predictive text box on does not work on Chrome! 😦
got to sort this out!

best of luck to the new comer in the browser race.

PS: Damn, I’ve been writing google in capital ‘G’ …   God takes a capital ‘g’ always .. isn’t it?


creative domainers – a new breed

July 14, 2008

I do not like people who whine! Whining about it will not solve your problem..

Too often I hear people saying that it’s too hard to find good .com’s.
I hear that it’s almost impossible to get in the online world these days on a .com, with all the good names gone.

my answer to them,..

just be creative.
Think outside the box!

ICANN recently had to open up the space,.. The .com will always remain king – with 76,343,863 .coms registered at the time of writing, some think its too late, that they’ve missed the train.

However, …with scarcity of the .com, a new breed of creative domainers is rising.

I love it when I see  people like Yigal at .

Once, a long time ago, we used to send birthday cards made of paper.
Then came the internet, and E-Cards, saving paper and a whole forest I’m sure!

There must be millions of e-cards sent daily! Isn’t it?

some whine about receiving a boring ecard, instead of a real card!

,. some may want something even more special,

what about a unique way of greeting your loved ones a happy birthday? Something truely unique!

Is it your dear friend, Peter’s birthday today?

what about sending him … just a URL … !

With hundreds of thousands of Peter’s out there sharing the same birthday, there can only be ONE having that unique domain name for the day! And that would make his day ,.. for sure,.. to be reading a personalised message/picture, on a url, from those who love him…

Do you have a special birthday wish to send today? click here!

by the way,. Happy Birthday,

if it is yours today!  😉

one thousand six hundred and sixty four

June 13, 2008

what do you think of when you see

1 6 6 4

I want you to give it a long thought and try to come up with a few guesses, before reading further.
I play a game with my wife during advertising breaks on TV or before a film at the cinema. As soon as the ad starts, the first one who say which ad it is wins a point. (before they actually show their logo or brand name!)

We’ve been playing this game for quite some time now and it is strange how our minds develop with practice. I tend to look at all the tiny details quickly as they appear on the screen and make associations fast in my mind. We’ve become quite good at this game, I must say!
Today I saw a new ad for the first time on tv. The ad is creative! Chefs cutting bubbles, and I was racking my brains to find out which ad it was.

until i saw a number 1664.

boom, Kronenbourg sprang to my mind!…. and Kronenbourg it was.

I quite like Kronenbourg Blanc and I remember the distinctive 1664 on its bottle.

and of course,.. I guess I am not the only one..

try  on your address bar.

 Good Weekend to you.

Sarah Jessica Parker …

June 9, 2008

…Looks Like A Horse ??

Yesterday, I went to see ‘Sex and the city’. I never followed  the series on TV and I admit, I was influenced by the massive advertising they’ve been doing about the film. (and a little bit sweet talked into it!)

It was a good movie. The theater was filled with more females than males, and it is easy to understand why. There was a lot of ‘oooh,.. and aaahh’ everytime  a dress or shoes appeared on the big screen.

I overheard some girls saying that Manolo Blahnik’s shoes were
the best SHOES in the world.
(Thanks girls, free advertising for one of my domains!)

It’s true that I found the blue satin one very sexy!

well well, today’s post is not about shoes!

I was checking the movers and shakers (websites) on and I was amused to see at position 7 the following:


 up 200,000% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 3,717

Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like A HorseSite comparing photos of the actress with those of horses.


33 letters , 7 words in and still,
it is in the top 10 of

now let me ask you? Is this not just the perfect example of a great call to action domain, descriptive enough, to get people curious  to go see for themselves. too long? for who?

Nice one David!

another one which would work fantabulously well on

in 10 years time…

June 2, 2008


The rate at which domains are being registered is phenomenal.
just checked for today.. 492,591 new domains have been registered.

Today, in 2008, a lot of people think that long domain names are useless.
Too difficult to type, too many stop words, nobody will remember, etc.. are the main reasons.  Well, so they say!

so, everybody is going after the shortest possible names.

4 letter domain names.
Can someone explain to me the craze over them? and the price?

-I’m not talking about those like, or
but rather ?

what does means? sure, for  XUEJ company,based in Gondwanaland,and all their staff and customers, it means everything!It is their Identity on the web!

But to Mr John Smith in the UK, it means Nothing. Same for Mrs Xuan Chu in Beijin, China.
The internet is still young and offers a lot of opportunities to those who are creative and want to achieve great things!

As a (young) domainer myself, I’d rather own  thebest TOOTHBRUSH rather than  (at least,the former means something to everyone who understands English!)

Short domains are easy to type in. That’s very helpful for a (hmm,.. now grown up) generation of people who saw the birth of the internet and had to adapt to it.
But what about the coming generation? those born in the 80’s 90’s ?
Those who type full sentenses on their keyboard without having to look for the keys?

long domain name is a piece of cake !
I think a lot of savvy people in big companies are realizing this and going for easy to remember,descriptive/call-to-action domain names.
Doesn’t matter if they are long.

Now,you would be right to not trust the title!
It is happening Now!

These have been showing up in TV adverts recently (in the UK).

    difficult is worth
        a little bit of what you
             save today save

.. and for the first time I saw a tv advert today, showing a domain name as follows:

Some may interpret it as, them trying to say ban (as in Ban the website but no!

they meant

So, I guess (even for relatively short 2 word domains) they see internet users as intelligent enough  to know that they do not need the ‘space’ between the 2 words ‘BAN’ and ‘’ when they type it in their address bar!

that’s COOL!

..or, they can even leave as many spaces they want and let HitWiser do that job! 🙂

Exciting times ahead..

I give you

May 26, 2008


HitWiser came to life with a purpose.          

To encourage direct navigation.

businesses, brands, great websites and not so great websites
are all easily reachable by directly navigating to their web addresses.
(better if they have an easy to remember address!)

Type in any word, product or service in your address bar,add a .com  to it and you will reach a website. if you look at the fastest US search terms on SEARCH ENGINES (click here!) for 2007, and then try them in your address bar (adding a .com),you get the same result.
Here is a list of the most searched brands in the UK. (NOT using direct Navigation!)

Rank     Search Term
1          ebay
2          bebo
3          youtube
4          facebook
5          myspace
6          argos
7          amazon
8          you tube
9          bbc
10        tesco

try them too on your address bar and ask yourself, why use a search engine for this kind of search
and contribute to creating a Google-opoly?

Google is great! nobody can deny it,certainly not me!
but we have to be careful. The internet is not Google,
and hopefully we will not make that happen.

Google was a project started in the days of optimism about a
free Internet not supported by ads or corporate revenues, but rather
the free exchange of ideas. Look at it today!

We now have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies a whole new industry,
where people word hard to make sure your website appear in the top ranks on Search Engines, and
being at the top of results is not permanent. Competition to be among the top ranks in Google or any other
Search engines is very aggressive.

type CAR in google and see how many results it returns.
I got Results 1 – 10 of about 1,250,000,000 for car
(that’s from the UK, if you do a search from Mauritius or elsewhere, you will get a different number AND different results)
Crazy ! isn’t it? obviously, you would not be going to all of them, but rather
the first 10. So, what about the 1,249,999,990 other results?

Every Web browser is equipped with a search facility. Our good old address bar. Okay.. yes, I agree, it is not very user friendly. It is located, too far, high up for our eyes to reach. You have to stick all the words together which makes long URLs a pain!
(and could sometimes cause awkward situations,like say you want to visit a website  called
‘pen island’, where they sell great pens?, you would have to type in !
or if you want to  know ‘who’)

HitWiser is your new address bar!

the “www.” part of a web address is obsolete. the TLD, hmm.
well, “.com” is king, and you can still choose the others!
Seth thinks We could even drop the dot com (read here)

HitWiser lets you type in words with spaces.
you can type in short sentences like “a little bit of what you fancy”
or “the world’s best shave”.

It works with the apostrophy too!

People used to frown at long domain names…
HitWiser loves them. They are more descriptive and more exciting.
Aren’t you curious to see what you would get if you
try ‘the best car in the world’ on hitwiser!

are you going to  Hit <your urls> wiser?


domino’s mission…

May 11, 2008

Sunday lazy sunday..
we were blessed with some exceptionally great weather today, and when I saw lots of folks eating ice-cream , I kept thinking..

what is the best ice cream in the world ? (I’m obsessed! yes I know!)
anyone knows? email me 😉
Anyway, come dinner time, we decided to get some pizza’s delivered.
Dominos’ quite good. And we tried the online ordering!
It worked great and the double-decadence was on my doorstep, half an hour later..

Hey wait,..Stop, why would I be talking about pizza on a blog that’s
supposed to be about the bests in the domain names ??!

Well,.. things got interesting during the half hour wait for the pizza. I started reading about the company, how it started, its path to now, (loved the bit about trading half the business for a Volkswagen Beetle)
and…’s mission statement.

yes,.. click here to read the DOMINO’s MISSION.

would they be interested in one of my domain names? (you know which one!)
maybe,.. or maybe not.

would be great to receive a mail from David Brandon.

will let you know if I hear from them,

(or from one of their competitors 😛 )