goes to Toys R Us for 5.1 million USD!

February 27, 2009

Larry from is currently covering the live auction of

Famous domainer, Frank Schilling, dropped out after the bids rose to 2.9 Million.

This seems to be a battle between 2 giants, Toys R Us and National A-1 . Current bid (at time of writing) has reached 4.9 Million . (I think we’re reaching the peak 5Million, my estimate)

National A-1 seems to be using a precise tactic, of raising  Toys R Us bid by 5K everytime…

That’s a great psychological game. ToysR Us now knows whatever bid they place, National A1 will raise it by 5K.

they’re determined and showing it!
and so far, I see National A1 winning this.. psychologically.. they are .. so far (I see frustration and hesitation, when someone raise their own bid!)
.. or maybe Toys R us have not yet played their trump yet…

(after auction update: seems that National A1 had their limit at 5 Million -great match! they indeed gave Toys R Us a good run for their money!)

toyrsrus bids $ 5,100,000  – bidding finishes..

National A-1 bids $ 5,000,000

National a-1 asks for 10 minute break

toyrsrus bids $ 4,915,000

National A-1 bids $ 4820,000
toyrsrus bids $ 4,815,000

National A-1 bids $ 4,530,000

toyrsrus bids $ 4,525,000

National A-1 bids $ 4,505,000

toyrsrus bids $ 4,500,000. they raised their own bid


toyrsrus bids $ 4,300,000

national A-1 bids $ 4,155,000

toyrsrus bids $ 4,150,000

5 minute break announced

national A-1 bids $3,755,000

toyrsrus bids $3,750,000

national A-1 bids $3,555,000

toyrsrus bids $3,550,000

national A-1 bids $3,305,000

toyrsrus bids $3,300,000

Special thanks to Larry from