I’m leaving..

April 9, 2009

Peeps, I’m still alive.. I’ve had a few people asking me why I have been off the blogging scene lately. Everything is fine. I have just been very busy. The reason being.. I am moving back home after spending 3.5 years in the Queen’s country. So, everything is sold. Cars, furniture etc.. (mostly done ONLINE!!) 🙂 and I’m going to spend the next few days in London , to savour one last time.. the ‘london thing’ .

Thanks XR.com <– pretty cool to spread the word if you need to sell something quickly. I  used XR.com/BuyMyCar which I forwarded to my friends and acquaintances. (Let me know if you are selling yours, I’ll redirect it to the online ad- page)

Where am I going?  Home, which, for me is ..  Delicious Mauritius. Tons of plans in my head that I’m trying to put on paper. – and hopefully online soon 🙂

I have been busy building one of my domains as well. The guinea pig was thebestVODKAintheworld.com and I’ve been surprised by the result and the response. Thanks to those who got involved by voting! I can say I’ve learned a LOT about Vodkas lately, brands I didn’t know existed, and How Marketing clearly influence people depending on where you are in the world. (that’ll have to be another post!) .

I also learned about the power of a developed domain. thebestVODKAintheworld.com was in my portfolio for a couple of years with almost zero traffic since I hand -regged it, and now.. it has a nice trickle of visitors everyday + a few Vodka companies are watching it 🙂   . So,.. go vote if you haven’t yet 🙂 Thanks.

I admit being tempted to add Google adwords on the site to monetize it, but I didn’t . I do not like sites serving google ads. Sorry if I’m going to offend anyone here, but for me, a website serving such ads lose their professional touch instantly (just my honest humble opinion)..

I am still investigating ways to monetize thebestVODKAintheworld.com though. Maybe selling the links on the result page? or offering banner ads ? .. We’ll see..

From what I’ve seen so far, Americans seem to prefer the Goose! 🙂

Anyway, back to Delicious Mauritius. Yes, I did manage to get the .com after a long cat-and-mouse game ! I secured the domain name lately and be sure I’m gonna make something out of it 🙂

Delicious Mauritius is how the media  has been calling my country (Mauritius) the last few years – mainly in Europe-. And indeed , it is a Delicious place to be.  If you’ve heard of Mark Twain, maybe you are familiar with one of his famous writings,  Following The Equator . He wrote “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

That says it all! 🙂

So yes, I am moving back to some warmer temperatures. I really did enjoy my time in the UK, and will surely miss all my friends (and the Snow!) . Bless the internet, to keep in touch!

So here it is,.. my last post from the UK. Next time you hear from me it’s going to be from Mauritius, Indian Ocean. I just hope it doesn’t take long to sort out a decent internet connection once there !!

Happy Easter!



PS: please do let me know if ever you are planning a visit 😉

here’s a recent article written by Andy Moreton of Luxique.com . I like this one too, but unfortunately I do not have ‘the best JOB in the world.com’

I’m back..

August 29, 2008


Good to see you again! Sorry for the long 3 weeks without a post, but as I expected, I could not find time to update the blog. My trip to thebest HOLIDAY intheworld.com  😉   was fantastic.



the domain game in the infinity pool

the domain game in the infinity pool

The 3 weeks, seemed more like 3 days to me. I ate too much, met a lot of people, partied too much, .. but I could not take my mind completely off the domaining world.I finished reading the book -the domain game- by the way.




 I observed some interesting things while I was in Mauritius.

– domain names are starting to show up in adverts. Billboards show either a .com or .mu domains(nothing else!)  .mu being the country’s TLD.

– since internet advertising is relatively new in Mauritius, some billboards simply show ONLY a domain name. Doesn’t matter if the domain is not great (IMHO), it works! Why? because there is no need to stand out of the crowd… 

since …. there is no crowd… yet!
one of such domains is  BAK2U.com which I saw a lot in busy places, and like me, a lot of people must have been to that website,..out of curiosity, and bang! the domain has done its job!

(That would not work for me, if in the same day, I saw dozens of other domains in ads!)
– 3 people I met, asked me about website development. (business opportunity here!! 🙂 )

– Bruno Julie won the first ever olympic medal for Mauritius, and overnight turned into a STAR for Mauritius. Naturally, I checked whether BrunoJulie.com was available and it was!! (Monday 25th August 2008). I did not register it!  and..

the following day, it was gone…

Back to the UK

Earlier today, I was on the computer, with the TV on in the background, when suddenly something caught my attention.

It was an advertisement,where someone was speaking french (my first language btw). That’s a rare thing on UK television, I thought.
Here’s the video for you. Some nice moves don’t you think?

did you see the domain name?

length: 24 (excluding TLD)
number of words: 5



Ok some may argue that people will get confused and go to   Language.com instead but they’ll soon get it don’t you think?

More proof that “Call to Action” domains, “full sentence domains” , or descriptive domains (like I prefer to call them) are getting big.

the time is approaching,..the right time for HitWiser.com and theBESTSintheworld.com

more soon..