Happy Holidays and Good bye for now . . .

December 23, 2008

as this year comes to an end, I would like to thank you all.

Thank you for these priceless minutes of attention you have given me . Thank you for your comments, and thank you for making me your friend.  This year has been busy and I am very grateful for being busy. thebestBLOGintheworld came to life this year and through it,  I made a lot of domainer friends and got to  meet a few in person.

Every domainer is an island,.. but bridges are being built. We need to work together to make ‘our world’ known.  Educate those outsiders so that we are better understood and can all reap the fruits of our investments.

2009 is looking to be as exciting, if not more! with new TLDs coming in, the tough economic challenge , parking in turmoil, Mr Goog shaking things up, . . we all have a lot to look forward to!  The Game is changing once again,..  to test our patience and our perseverance.

I am very optimistic, to those in doubt, I’d say :  Each domain is a piece of the internet puzzle, each piece is unique, each piece has its place. We domainers are building something BIG. There will come the day where EVERYBODY will need a domain name. Just like everybody needs an email address today. And when this time comes, we will have had a headstart on a lot of people. WE will be there! It may take time, but it will happen. Good things come to those who wait, .. and I’m not saying that because I’m a fan of Guinness..

what i'll wear at the airport

what i'll wear at the airport

Friends, this is going to be my last blog post for 2008. Tomorrow, I’m flying to Dubai-Malaysia-Singapore to enjoy the end of year celebrations. If there are any domainers reading from these countries, shoot me an email if you fancy meeting up over a drink.

See you in 2009,

Merry Christmas,  Happy Hanukkah,  Happy New Year,  Happy Whatever,.. the most important thing is, I wish you Health and a lot of Happy times in your life..

on another note, I don’t know if you                                       . . . . . . . .     have seen the news lately,.  <–click

(I’m loving the domain name they use 🙂  )

I’m working towards it 😉

my BESTS ,