VISA gets it.

December 12, 2008

YES it is coming!!

Usually we think , one domain name, means one website.

One would visit  an online store  called,  say, and land on the  index page. Then if visitors want to contact that online store, they would look for the contact us button which would take them to the contact page, (e.g

If that store is running a promotion at the moment, they would surely advertise it on their main index (home page). The user would click on the promotion banner  and that would take them to the promotion page where details of the promotion is provided ( e.g

Well today I saw an ad on TV showing something I saw coming a long time ago.
I’ve seen smaller websites do it, but today on tv, it was a major brand. 

video here: (click image to see video)

Running Man - Use VISA this Christmas

Great, memorable call to action.
I checked it.. *mind you, its a*

and guess where it took me ?

which is actually a page on . Great use of domain forwarding here!  ‘WinWithVisa’ works much better than ‘ ‘ . WinWithVisa is catchy, memorable and the VISA people GET IT! – (except maybe the use of the ‘ALL-CAPS’, as my friend Aaron would surely point out!)

if a visitor had to go to that page from there’s what they would have had to do.

1.go to



 2. chose a country 21 on promotional offers 31

4. click on find out more 41




and finally,… 




But visa wants to make life easy for its uk customers..
and it advertises  which takes you … straight there.

thanks for this short cut VISA! Love it!
We will be seeing more and more domain names being used this way soon..
(if you know other examples, please let me know 😉 )

On another note, It’s Christmas soon, and plenty of Christmas do’s and dinners for most of us. Plenty of good food and drinks.

Some might not be as lucky unfortunately, but still,

we can try to give them…

thebest DINNER intheworld (donate if you can)

thank you.


*13th Dec 08 update: they get it too!  , video here