goes to Toys R Us for 5.1 million USD!

Larry from is currently covering the live auction of

Famous domainer, Frank Schilling, dropped out after the bids rose to 2.9 Million.

This seems to be a battle between 2 giants, Toys R Us and National A-1 . Current bid (at time of writing) has reached 4.9 Million . (I think we’re reaching the peak 5Million, my estimate)

National A-1 seems to be using a precise tactic, of raising  Toys R Us bid by 5K everytime…

That’s a great psychological game. ToysR Us now knows whatever bid they place, National A1 will raise it by 5K.

they’re determined and showing it!
and so far, I see National A1 winning this.. psychologically.. they are .. so far (I see frustration and hesitation, when someone raise their own bid!)
.. or maybe Toys R us have not yet played their trump yet…

(after auction update: seems that National A1 had their limit at 5 Million -great match! they indeed gave Toys R Us a good run for their money!)

toyrsrus bids $ 5,100,000  – bidding finishes..

National A-1 bids $ 5,000,000

National a-1 asks for 10 minute break

toyrsrus bids $ 4,915,000

National A-1 bids $ 4820,000
toyrsrus bids $ 4,815,000

National A-1 bids $ 4,530,000

toyrsrus bids $ 4,525,000

National A-1 bids $ 4,505,000

toyrsrus bids $ 4,500,000. they raised their own bid


toyrsrus bids $ 4,300,000

national A-1 bids $ 4,155,000

toyrsrus bids $ 4,150,000

5 minute break announced

national A-1 bids $3,755,000

toyrsrus bids $3,750,000

national A-1 bids $3,555,000

toyrsrus bids $3,550,000

national A-1 bids $3,305,000

toyrsrus bids $3,300,000

Special thanks to Larry from

3 Responses to goes to Toys R Us for 5.1 million USD!

  1. Toys R Us owns and as of last week so they needed this one badly and were prepared to pay a lot more than national a1

    We should have more of these bankruptcy auctions out in the open.. Maybe at bido?

    LOL 🙂

  2. belshass says:


    In any case that can only be morale boosting for the industry. Much needed at the moment!

    I’m well chuffed by the price it sold for.

  3. Mike says:

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