yes,… OUCH!

I’m under attack by… hrmm spammers??

I got an email,.. actually 2 emails from a guy who is offering me the possibility to buy bestFOOTBALLTEAMintheworld.com for $458 USD  as he thinks the latter is a far stronger version of the
name, is much easier to remember , conveys Professionalism that thebestfootballteamintheworld.com cannot match.

He encourages me to act quickly because this domain name will only be offered for sale for a limited time.

come on mate.. who do you think you are fooling???

He starts his email by “Recently, bestfootballteamintheworld.com  expired and we acquired it
in a domain name auction. Since you own the thebestfootballteamintheworld.com version of this domain name we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to own the preferred bestfootballteamintheworld.com version.”

I say:

1. this domain he is trying to sell, BESTfootballteamintheworld.com, was registered on 09/04/2008 i.e yesterday! so why lie about it being expired and buying from an auction.

2. thebestFOOTBALLTEAMintheworld.com is part of the whole concept and ,to me, has a much greater value than bestFootballTeamintheworld.com .

3. do you say ‘Liverpool is the best football team in the world or ‘Liverpool is best football team in the world‘ ? hmm,. yeh, Liverpool, just an example here ,it could be Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, or.. New England Patriots 😉

4.  a search on that company who mailed me revealed that I’m not the only one.. 

  – see:  Ruslan’s diary and yaddablog



Catch you later…

One Response to ouch!

  1. thefullbug says:

    Riot! The same dolt sent me a letter at my other blog. Check out my response.


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